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About Us 

Founded in 2012, we are a leading global HR executive search & selection boutique, specialising in the financial services sector. We search around the world for Senior HR Generalists, Compensation & Reward specialists and Talent Resourcing & Development professionals.

We have over 8,000+ HR talent maps, have successfully completed over 150 searches and have 2 Hubs with offices in London & Edinburgh. 

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The firm is led by Managing Director,

Nicole Brooke.

"Our purpose is to deliver exceptional HR professionals to our clients across all dimensions of the financial services sector, ensuring they have the talent necessary to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive landscape".

Nicole Brooke

Managing Director

By utilising our exceptional talent base, innovative technology and tenured infrastructure, we seek to deliver the best results possible for our clients whilst staying at the forefront of our evolving industry.

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Hallmarks of Colebrooke


Extraordinary People

Our deep and diverse HR talent pool is supported by our collaborative culture where we partner talent and grow as a community of unique, creative and independent thinkers.


Best-in-Class Technology

Heavy investment and ongoing development ensures our team members have the best tools possible to succeed.


Diversified Talent Services

Our broad range of diversified services are distinct yet complementary to one another and solve a wide range of talent needs.


Outstanding Research & Analysis

Our research & analysis is our critical differentiator, driving our search philosophy regardless of the talent strategy.

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Client & Candidate Satisfaction

We measure client and candidate satisfaction for every mandate. Our 30 day mandate reviews ensure every role has the attention it deserves and satisfaction remains high.


Excellence in HR Search

Extensive research and continual analysis allows us to ensure we deliver the most exceptional HR professionals to our clients.

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Three Pillars
of Expertise

Our talent approach combines research & analysis with our deep diverse HR talent pool. 

We differentiate our talent process through via our three core pillars of expertise in HR Search & Selection, Interim HR Management & HR & Data Insights. 

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HR Search & Selection

Providing top-level permanent HR professionals across the Financial Services Sector.


Interim HR Management

Securing the Interim HR Leadership talent you need, when you need it.


HR Data & Insights

Market insight to fuel better decisions.


HR Search
& Selection


We understand the ever-evolving nature of business leadership and its requirements. We know what makes leaders great, and we know how to find them. They’re already in our network.

Discovering exceptional HR leaders is what we do. With subject-matter expertise and a strong and diverse talent ecosystem, that’s as deep as it is broad, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver.

We specialise in providing top-level permanent HR talent solutions across the Financial Services Sector. We partner with you to create bespoke strategies.

Because we’re an independent firm, with a entrepreneurial mentality and operating model, we can harness the global reach and knowledge to bring you the best talent, no matter the location.



HR Data
& Insights


We pride ourselves on knowing our markets exceptionally well; our market intelligence solutions empower you to keep on top of themes, compensation trends and industry regulations.

By commissioning a Colebrooke market analysis project (MAP) or Individual Due Diligence report, you will gain exclusive market intelligence on competitors or specific individuals, via bespoke insights and analysis on specific areas of interest, individual business plans, or the industry as a whole.

A market analysis project is a bespoke research document, commissioned to help you make informed and risk-weighted strategic decisions. Our thorough, precise MAPs give you an in-depth understanding of the HR Financial Services market landscape and the factors influencing a range of topics.


This could focus on compensation, competitor analysis, diversity trends, geographies, headcount, operating models, performance assessment, HR staff benchmarking, budgets, partnerships or strategic market analysis. We can look at specific competitors, or the industry as a whole, depending on your requirements.


The strength and depth of our financial services network means we know the HR business leaders available today – and those that will become available tomorrow.


Talent in the HR executive interim market has never been stronger, and competition can be fierce. Working practices are shifting and organizations are working to embed resilience and future-proof themselves against upheaval. The finest leaders are adapting to this fast-changing landscape.

That’s where we come in. Our reach extends across the entire market. As well as exceptional interim talent, our close collaboration with our executive search colleagues also brings in permanent candidates that are moving on and willing to take on shorter term assignments.


Sometimes a change in strategy or a new program of work simply necessitates change. We tailor our approach to your mandate. And we will secure you the best HR talent in the executive interim market.

Interim HR Management

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HR Roles & Specialisms

Human Resources

Colebrooke & Co. globally works in partnership with CEOs, Boards and HR leaders to secure the best, diverse, HR and human capital talent.


Whether it’s during periods of growth, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, or restructuring, they shape strategic thinking, challenge the status quo, and unlock the potential of people and businesses in uncertain times.

With experience placing HR professionals in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we partner with our clients to attract, assess and recruit permanent and interim HR leaders across all disciplines including:​

  • Chief HR Officers

  • Chief People Officers

  • Reward Compensation and Benefits

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Management; Leadership and Learning Culture

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • HR operations

  • HR technology, digital and data 

  • Organization design and effectiveness

  • Human capital consulting​​

Financial Services

We’ve been partnering with financial services industry for more than 10 years. Finding the very best, diverse, HR talent across a wide range of sub-sectors. They include:


  • Wholesale

  • Retail Financial Services

  • Fintech & Payments

  • Insurance & Insurtech

  • Asset & Wealth Management

Our partnership approach to placing senior HR leaders in Financial Services firms means we truly understand the business landscape and can source the best talent across a wide range of roles and geographies.





UK: +44 (0) 20  7871 1485

Press Enquiries:

UK: +44 (0) 20  7871 1485

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